Marriage in Nepal

Arranged Marriage:

Arranged marriage is popular among Hindu culture in Nepal and the Hindus’ believe that the marriages are made in heaven. Once the son or daughter become at the age of marriage, the parents look for the groom or bride through relatives or people they know, they can be called middle man or we call “Lami” in Nepali. Once the groom or bride is found then the parents will go to the Astrologers/priests to consult and check and confirm whether the bride and the groom are made for each other. For this purpose both the bride and the groom’s star signs are matched. The middle person or the lami, who acts as a messenger for both the families is involved in all arrangement of the wedding. Weddings start with the determination of the precise dated set by the astrologers. They can be held only during certain auspicious seasons which fall from the April through June and January through February. Weddings embrace the rich cultural tradition stretching over several days. The ceremony starts with after having engagement (when the bride and groom exchange ring and garland)

First the groom will go to the bride’s with his family, friends and relatives (who are called Janti in Nepali) and the wedding ceremony will starts; the Swayambar follows where the bride and the groom exchange their rings and garland made of Doobo (Doobo is a certain type of grass which does not dry thus indicating the relationship will never break or dry), The groom wear Nepali national dress called “ Daura Suruwar with Topi” or Coat and pant as well and the bride  wear  heavy gold jewelries and red sari and blouse  and a sparkling “ghoomto” covers her face. The most touching scene is observed during kanyadaan, when the bride’s parents perform the ritual of handling the responsibility of their daughter to the groom. Therefore, the bride become exclusively his and have to wear “sindoor and  pote” as long as she is married and pray for her husband’s long life. At last the laughter fades and shedding of tears begin as the farewell ritual starts. The wedding is followed by a grand reception. String of decorative light, melodious music and delicious food and drinks emphasize the high spirits of the groom’s family and thus leave memories imprinted in the hearts of the guests and the bride will return to home with his wife then the marriage ceremony completed.

Love marriage:

This type of the marriage are becoming more popular in Nepal these days as there are not options of choosing the life partner in arranged marriage, the new generation have started to choose their life partner them self and if the parents of the both families are agree with their choice then they will arrange the wedding according to the Arranged marriage and if any of the family is not agree then they leave the family and get marriage themselves and start new family, later on, the parent will call them to return since the parent cannot leave their children for long time so, they accept whatever mistake the children made as the children are always children in the eyes of parents and the children also may apologies for being obedient with parents and will return to parents.

Court marriage:

Some of the couples when they are happy with each other’s and even their parents are agree to get marriage then they just will go to the court and get marriage certificate.