22nd November 2019

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Cost  

Annapurna Base camp trek is one of the adventurous and breathtaking treks In Nepal that takes you through the foot trail through the jungles, villages, hilltops, rivers, basins, to the mountains reaching up to 4310m in elevation. 

Considered a relatively easy trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, known as ABC trek is a good option to start trekking. 

If you want to learn more about the details of ABC trek or itinerary of ABC trek check here. 

Is Annapurna base camp trek costly?

As the route is one of the popular ones and traveled often, ABC trek cost is moderate, due to the established routes, hotels and other amenities. 

Trekking is an investment, both in time and money, but it’s one with high ROI.

All your costs incurred for ABC trek will be worth it for the experiences you will gather and the memories you take home.  

Cost of things that I’m paying during Annapurna base camp trek  

So, what exactly constitutes the cost of trekking ABC? 

We will break it down into different categories which will help you to comprehend the minute details and the bigger picture.

Basic Amenities: 

The primary cost in any trekking that is also part of the ABC trek cost is the clothes, gears, and equipment which ensure you complete the trek in the best possible way.

First, you need to consider that you will be going through trails. 

You will need warm clothes, preferably a jacket and trouser to stay warm while walking through cool high elevations. This also means sturdy boots for good grip and smooth trip throughout the narrow trails. 

You also need Trekking Equipment such as a trekking pole for support, hats



   Cost Items per piece

Trekking Backpack

USD 45-65 


USD 20-25 


USD 25 – 30 


USD 15 – 20

Thermal set

USD 10-15 

Warm fleece upper wear and bottom

USD 20-25 

Warm hat

USD 3-5 

Trekking pole

USD 5 – 10 

Windproof gloves 

USD 5 – 10 

Wollen shocks

USD 2-4 


USD 2 – 5 


USD 5 – 10


USD 15 – 20

Water Bottle

USD 3 – 7 


These are the basic list of trekking gear you need to carry and their estimated prices.

The prices are based on the Us dollar where 1 dollar roughly equals 110 Nepali Rupees.

The prices of trekking gear vary according to the vendors and the brand you choose to buy from.



Food and Accommodations Cost At Abc Trek: 

The major cost of ABC trek is the food and accommodations. 

The area is well-traversed, meaning there are a lot of hotels, teas shops, and general shops throughout the trail.

Veg meal (Daal Bhat, pizza, noodles) cost around 600 to 900 NRs

A cup of Milk tea can cost anywhere from Nrs. 100 to 150 Nrs

Veg Breakfast 300 to 400 Nrs

Lodge – The average cost of accommodation is per person 300 to 400 Nrs. and per room 700 to 1500 Nrs

Note that: Luxury is not a choice when you are trekking. Be Grounded. Be prepared for getting out of your comfort zone.

Besides these, you can carry energy snacks, energy bars, noodles, water on your own to consume while trekking. 

Did You Know? Up to 250 people reached the base camp daily this peak season in October. 


Permits and Fee: 

Annapurna base camp trek falls under the Annapurna Conservation Area Project. It is government property and requires permit and fees for foreigners.

It is, however, free for Nepalese travelers. 

The General Permit Fee is:

ACAP try permit fee for foreigners: 3,000 NPR (Approx. US $30)

ACAP entry permit fee for SAARC nationals: 200 NPR

TIMS permit: 1,000 NPR (Approx. US $10)

You can get these Permits from Kathmandu, Pokhara or on ACAP Entry Point at Chhomrong.

Or, If you book your ABC Trek from a travel agency, they will cover it for you. 

Transport Cost for ABC Trek: 

Transportation is another major cost in the trek despite you spending most of your days walking. 

A designated number of buses and jeeps run through the path that takes you to the entry point of trail from the City (Pokhara, Kathmandu) or from the exit point of the trail to the City. 

The Reserve Cost Can Range from 5000 to 8000 

If you want to take a flight from Kathamandu to Pokahra then it can cost you around Nrs. 2500 to Nrs 4000.

If you reserve a vehicle then it can cost around 15000 to 20000, 

The tourist bus ticket per person is 800 to 1200


Guide and Porter:

Porter: If you have trouble carrying your load, you can also hire a porter which will cost you around $25to $35 per day. 

They Know their way well and will easily help you get the best stays, get the best views, find the right routes, find the right schedules. 

And of course, without having to carry 10-12kg load you would be able to walk faster and further. 



Supplies, Quick Food Cost: 

The ABC trek runs through several villages that offer you the privilege of buying stuff a trekker would need. It maybe energy bars or toilet paper, souvenirs or clothes, you can buy along the way. 

Everything from Coke, Lays, to Tuborg is available in the ABC trek. 

However, the cost may range 2 to 4 times their prices in Kathmandu.  


Other Cost at ABC Trek:

You can also get access to charge and wifi in the trek but it will cost you extra money. 

Hot Shower is also charged extra.

If you fancy riding a pony or horse then it can cost anywhere from 8000 Rs. to 10000 Rs. per day or per destination. Mules are common in the area for transportation and supplies

At Pokhara costing changes like hotel room 1500 and above while non-veg meal 350 to 600 

 (Relax and Chillax by Ending Your Trip at Pokhara with the Vibes and Memories)

Total Cost of Annapurna Base Camp Trek

So per day Annapurna base camp trek cost is around average Nrs 4500 to Nrs. 6000 for foreigners including everything.

So the total cost of 7 days ABC trek is around overall might reach up to 28000 to 32000 estimated

If you want a longer trek then the total cost of 10 days ABC trek is around 45000 to 60000

The cost is justified for the amenities and services provided in between the hills, all the way through the foot trails, just for your best experience. 

 Annapurna base camp trek cost is raised in winter and on the season in comparative with summer as well as off-season.

The cost is determined by the Chhomrong Tourism Management Committee and is a common standard price that is rarely out of range. 

You can also reduce the cost of ABC trek by traveling in a group or on a sharing basis. 

(Make Sure to Make New Friends along the Way)

Why San Trekking provides standard package at a very reasonable cost for ABC trek

San Trekking has been serving tourists international and domestic for years, guiding through the mountains, villages and cities alike. If you are thinking of trekking at ABC for a lifetime experience, we at San Trekking provide a standard package at an affordable cost. 

Your package varies from guidance, bookings, porters, and demands. 

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